Protocol Governance

Blockchain@USCĀ is privileged to participate in the governance of some of the most important protocols in crypto, with over 1 million token votes delegated.

Our Goals with Governance


Fostering hands-on knowledge and innovation in blockchain technology among students and faculty.

Building Industry Reputation

Through critical-thinking, thought leadership, and communication in our governance, we want to further our club's reputation.


Our experience with our governance allocations doesn't end at voting - we aim to publish research on things we've learned and new ideas.

Token Delegation

Empowering members to actively participate in decision-making through the delegation of blockchain tokens.

This innovative governance model provides hands-on experience in utilizing blockchain technology to achieve decentralized consensus and gives members a sense of ownership in the club.


Collaborating with industry leaders and organizations to drive innovation and expand opportunities in the blockchain space.

These partnerships keep the club at the forefront of blockchain developments and connect members to a network of professionals and companies in the industry.

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